Welcome to Braille Plus
Braille Plus began with a simple purpose, transcribe printed text into Braille in an accurate and economical manner.

As you work with our friendly staff, you will gain confidence in our ability to meet all your project requirements. Our focus on customer satisfaction brings you the following:

  • Library of Congress certified transcribers
  • Experienced proofreaders
  • Guaranteed 100% accuracy in final printed projects

We look forward to building a positive relationship with you!

Educational Services

Braille Plus can convert all your textbooks, exams, study guides, and other student related material into electronic Braille Ready Files, or into embossed and bound volumes.
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Additional Services

We are here to serve the blind community. We provide additional Brailling services on any type of printed matter for vocational or personal use. Every client’s needs are addressed individually and attentively.
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