Process Flow

Braille Plus uses the most current translation software and high-speed printers to produce our Braille projects.

File Acceptance

Documents can either be scanned from hard copies or downloaded from an electronic file. Next, they are proofed for print and technical errors and organized for formatting within the translation software.


We employ highly skilled graphics designers to create customized tactile graphics for any map, graph, chart, etc. that is needed. Our graphics printers are esteemed for their reliability and precision. We continue to create high quality graphics every time.


Formatting is the backbone of our business. This step ensures that our end product is created in a way that is easy to read and understand for a Braille reader. It is performed by certified Braille transcribers who are trained in the methods of transcribing, and whose job depends on attention to detail and quality output. Our Quality management process is exceptional.

Printing and Binding

Our printers are capable of producing single and double-sided Braille on either 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 11.5 sized paper with a production capacity of thousands of Braille pages an hour. We use 23-guage Poly Covers and Locking Comb Binders to finish out each volume.